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… for a lot of Jess-patting-herself-on-the-back-for-riding-her-bike. I mean, I ride my bike but I don’t commute on my bike often enough. It’s a 6.5 mile ride from my place in Ukie Village to the brewery in Ravenswood. It’s a very pleasant ride up Damen. Except for my archnemesis: that godawful bridge over the north branch of the Chicago River, where a gust of wind is always waiting to push me back. To a lot of people, daily bike commuting isn’t a big thing, but for me it’s a challenge and something I’ve always wanted to do. (I use my steel ‘72 Schwinn Suburban as an excuse too often: it’s too heavy for a commuter bike!)

So, yeah, I biked on Tuesday and Thursday. My goal is to communte by bike at least twice a week to start. Sounds easy, sure, but once it gets hot outside and the brewery becomes a 90 degree oven, you spend your day trying not to faint and not itching your heat rash. That’s when the ride becomes just a smidge less enjoyable. That’s when the bus or the car with it’s air conditioning becomes a treat you wait for all day. So I figure riding 25 miles a week, just to work, starting now will make it easier come July when the humidity and the glaring sun burn off my motivation.

So yeah. Twice a week. Announcing a goal on the internet means I’ll do it, right? (Not necessarily.)