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You gotta click on it to see the ridiculous.


This tumblog is crackin’ me up this morning.

This tumblog is crackin’ me up this morning.

Chicago Bears guard Danny Fortmann (21) and Bears end John Siegel (6) reacted to a ball in the air after a tackle by Bears guard Ray Bray (82), in the 1941 Western Division Playoff game against the Green Pay Packers at Wrigley Field in Chicago.

Tracing the N.F.L.’s Oldest Rivalry (NYT)

“This is bigger than the Super Bowl,” said Gail Khayat, working behind the Brat Stop’s bar.

Lucky shirt!? Congrats boys! #daBears

The Lone Goat… To say “Wolf” would be flattering. Go Bears!

The goods acquired today @ Village Discount (Roscoe):
* well-worn Bears 2006 NFC championship sweatshirt (large boys)

* royal blue cotton pique w/ white piping summer dress

* British Airlines navy blue, pebbled leather flight bag w/ nice quality chrome hardware, leather in great shape

* Etienne Aigner brown quilted suede handbag w/ gold-tone hardware, no water stains/damage
* Clueless VHS, delicious impulse buy

I went looking for gently used black polos/collared shirts/slacks for work and found NOTHING. But, um, couldn’t pass these up.

Bears Superfan + tattoos = this guy

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