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BFFs bday means late night drinks at her work. Before they remodeled all those years ago… I was here at 19 with @_ninthlife_ and @valphonse getting to know the locals. Chicago and its changes. Le sigh.

Hump day #jamz #earworm

Ribbonhead (at Fireside Bowl)

Third weekend in a row of seeing a fave female artist… JENNY LEWIS! (Annie Clark and Lydia Loveless in July) (at Park West)

Yeah, I’m a little excited for tomorrow.

Quite possibly my favorite Anhalt #tbt to date. 2005. @_ninthlife_ & I at Nick’s. Bar napkin contracts. Epic hangs. (at Nick’s Beer Garden)

I only managed to take one photo yesterday. It’s of my bff Annie Clark, kinda. #stvincent #p4k (at Pitchfork Music Festival 2014)

This face. #heartbreaker #twig (at Maplehood)

Active fermentation, folks #magic (at Half Acre Beer Company)

Round 2. Officially a #Shellac fangirl? Like its ever been a secret. (at Lincoln Hall)

I dress up for this holiday. It’s 1/2 irony, 1/2 for serious #favorite #gpoy

You get the idea #explosionsinthesky #july4th #america #wilmette (at Bahai Temple)

USA! USA! USA! #worldcup #revbrew (at Chop Shop)

Yeah, I’m the nerd recording snippets of a storm. I cpuld listen to rain and thunder all day. (at Maplehood)

Flamingos ready to be filled with the @revbrewchicago beer of your choice. I started with a Rosa. #sundayfunday (at Crossing Tavern)